Mom’s Day Off

The past week has been a blur of packing boxes, cleaning out closets, and trying to keep up with P’s schedule as she finishes up her senior year of high school. She has been studying like crazy the past couple of weeks and took her AP exams last week, as well as the College Algebra Clep exam (which she passed…yay!) This week, since she is finished with her AP classes and her Math class (thanks to passing that Clep test), she is focusing on her Ethics presentation which is this Thursday and Friday during “Senior Symposium” and which counts as her Ethics final exam. Next week she will have her last two final exams, in French and Anatomy, and then we have Orientation at FSU…and then GRADUATION! 

A few days after graduation, we are moving. Again. And I have so much packing to do. Ugh. 

But last weekend, P and I played hooky for a few hours from all of our responsibilities and we went to the beach. And it was wonderful. 


It was relaxing and calming and blissful to sit and listen to the waves and the birds and soak up a little vitamin D…


Next weekend is Prom for P. She’s going with a group of friends this year…and also, guess who is on Prom Court? 😉 

One thought on “Mom’s Day Off

  1. I’m so glad you are posting again! Congrats to P on the upcoming graduation, the Prom Court, etc.

    So happy you found a house (? You did, right?) We’ve been looking since December and still can’t find anything.


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