Day by day

In spite of my best intentions, I can’t say that I’ve made a lot of progress turning the new house into a home. There are still not any pictures hanging on the wall. There are still lots of unpacked boxes in the garage. And there are still random piles of “stuff” that I haven’t quite managed to find a home for. The good news is that the old house is empty (except for a few things in THAT garage) and all clean! In my defense, other than focusing on getting out of the old house, we’ve had a couple of issues here at the new house to deal with – a broken air conditioner in the upstairs, and messed up plumbing in one bathroom (fyi, per the plumber – those “flushable” cleaning wipes, which apparently the previous cleaners used…are not truly flushable. 😏) 

Paige has had a couple of friends out. She’s trying to soak up as much sun and summertime fun as she can before she leaves for Tallahassee in ONE WEEK! She’s had fun exploring the beach and St. George Street in St. Augustine. 



Clay is able to sneak away and text me from the staff room every couple of days. He seems to be having a grand time at camp!

We are “bunny sitting” for him this summer while he is working at camp. Roger is actually quite great. I always love a quiet pet! We’ve been giving him “salads” a couple times a day and I think he is getting a bit spoiled with all these treats!


Paige will be leaving in a week to begin her new life as a college student at Florida State University. We’ve been trying to make sure she has everything she needs, including her graduation gift from Mom & Dad – a new laptop ( so she can write super awesome papers in college!) 


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