Both kids caught rides with friends and surprised us by coming home this weekend. It was so great to see them and to have the whole family together under one roof for a couple of nights!

Paige and I took a walk on the beach Friday evening, before Clay got home…

…and we ran into Priscilla the pig. Tim and I saw her earlier in the week out on the beach in a Shamu costume. The evening Paige and I saw her she was strolling in the sand wearing a pearl collar and a jaunty little pink polka-dot bow. She’s, apparently, quite the well dressed beach pig!

Both the kids loved seeing the pets and catching up on some cuddling…

On the fourth, one of the other camp counsellors who lives nearby stopped by for a while. We hung out on the beach in between rainstorms and stopped by the neighborhood pool party/cookout for some burgers. Mostly we just relaxed and enjoyed this special gift of time together as a family. 


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