Sharkskin and Pigskin

While Tim and I were frolicking in Scotland, the kids have been busy at school. 

Clay, in addition to going to his classes and working, is also still working on his research project and also has been catching, tagging, and releasing sharks for NOAA. 

Paige has been experiencing all the typical college stuff…including football games, late nights, and napping. There was a bit of suitemate drama for a couple of weeks, but after a transfer the “3 amigos” are left and they all get along great and are best friends. 

Paige was also getting quite a few headaches and having difficulty reading, so after a quick eye exam it was determined that she needed reading glasses. They seem to be helping. 

Last weekend was Paige’s birthday so I drove to get her and brought her home for the weekend – she wanted home cooked food and to sleep in her own bed and to cuddle with Jack. It was so wonderful to have her home for a few days, although, honestly, I could do without doing that drive 4 times in 4 days. Ugh. 

I have no idea what that means. Kids! 💁🏻




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