FSU 29 MIAMI 24. Go ‘Noles!

Way back in August Tim and I bought tickets for the FSU/Miami football game. We decided that this weekend would be our “parent’s weekend” rather than the one the university decreed as parent’s weekend (which also falls on Halloween, ensuring exorbitant prices and long lines everywhere.) Anyway, we were looking forward to time with Paige in Tallahassee and I was so excited to go to a Seminole football game again – and a big rivalry one, at that – and teach Tim all about being a Seminole. 

Thankfully, we didn’t need to stay in a hotel (which is good, because (a) there weren’t any rooms available and (b) they were charging $500 A NIGHT!!) since my cousin Chip and his wife, MaryEllen, offered us their wonderful hospitality. We had a great time visiting and catching up with them. 

Unfortunately, because Paige is just a lowly freshman she didn’t get a ticket to the game. And because I am the best mother in the entire universe, I let her have MY ticket so she could go to the game with her dad. 

I know. Truly, my selflessness knows no bounds. That child owes me – big time. 

But, they had fun. Tim really got into the Seminole spirit. From Osceola and Renegade (his first thought was, “What’s that horse doing out on the field?”) to the war chant and the fight song…he is now officially A SEMINOLE! 

The next day, after an amazing brunch, we helped Paige get her flat tire fixed on her bike, bought her some groceries, and said goodbye to Tallahassee…

While we were gone, Clay was busy doing a presentation on oysters. I don’t really understand all the specifics…but it’s something about oysters filtering water? And it’s really cool! (?) and now he has oysters and mullet in his fish tank at home. 

Anyway, apparently his presentation went well 


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