Stuff.  And more stuff. 

The past couple of weeks have been busy..ish, but I couldn’t tell you anything specific that’s been going on. Just, you know, stuff. Paige came home for a visit and we spent an afternoon at the vision center as she was fitted for contacts and tried to learn how to master putting them in and taking them out. We spent almost 4 hours there. 

Eventually, (finally), she figured it out and we got out of there before they started charging us rent. 

In spite of her not-so-spectacular beginning with the contact lenses, she’s been doing great…and likes them a lot more than wearing glasses all the time! It was nice to spend some time with her, doing girly stuff. We won’t see her again, most likely, until Thanksgiving break. 


I’ll have to settle for FaceTime and snapchat updates until then. 


Clay has come over for dinner a couple of times (there’s nothing like a free steak dinner to get a “starving” college kid to come home!) and has been busy rescuing a pathetic, sick bird he found in the road and doing a bit more shark fishing/tagging – in addition to the usual school work and work work and research projects. He’s a busy kid. 




And that’s about all the news. Which is, really not any news. Just…stuff. 


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