College Life

As our kids navigate their way through college and the beginning of their lives as adults, Tim and I find ourselves more and more in an awkward sort of gray area, where we are almost observers…hovering, nervous observers. It’s strange. For so long, we’ve been such active participants in their lives…driving carpools, chaperoning field trips, attending parent-teacher conferences, overseeing homework, driving to and from dance and soccer and taekwondo and gymnastics and piano and art lessons, and hosting sleepovers and birthday parties, and making sure chores got done and teeth were brushed and beds were made. 

And now, suddenly, we are obsolete.  Well, mostly. We still have to write the tuition checks, of course. And occasionally we are still needed for advice. But for the most part, the kids are living their lives and doing a fine job of it, on their own. I know that that means we did our job as their parents well. 

But, as I said, it sort of leaves us on the outside looking in. Which feels really strange. 

Thank goodness for social media and the technology of today that allows me glimpses into their lives. 

A few weeks ago Clay was asked to participate in a video that Flagler College was making for its donors. Here’s the video.
And Paige…

Paige was an extra in a movie that a friend in the film school was filming. 



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