We had a wonderful, relaxing (mostly) Thanksgiving. 

It was so great to have both kids home, and to have the whole family together again. We didn’t do anything very exciting – I think the kids were worn out, and were just mentally psyching themselves up for final exams – but just hanging out together felt like such a treat to me. 

Paige got home Tuesday and Wednesday woke up to get her hair cut and found that her car was dead. So that was kind of a bummer but also kind of a lucky break (that the battery died while she was home rather than at school, or driving home the day before!) it made for a bit of a hectic day with getting the battery (special battery for hybrid car) ordered and installed and running around getting last minute food items, but we got it all done. 

Clay wasn’t really feeling the whole school thing, apparently…

After getting her haircut and picking up her car, Paige had a reunion with her BFF, whom she hadn’t seen since last summer!

And then we just did a whole lot of nothing. 

The kids took a walk on the beach while I cooked. Paige bonded with Jack. The kids did a bit of studying and a lot of playing around on the Internet. We all read. 

It was just quiet and peaceful and…perfect. 

Sadly, Clay had to go back to work on Saturday and worked double shifts both days and Paige had to head back to Tallahassee on Sunday…but we finished the weekend on a perfect note, with a 27-2 victory over the University of Florida. Go ‘Noles!


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