Family time

We are in North Carolina for Christmas this year. We rented a lovely cabin a few minutes away from my mom and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the gorgeous mountain views, the fireplaces, and the cooler temperatures. Even though it’s still quite warm for this time of year, or so everyone keeps telling us, it’s cool enough for sweaters and jackets and it feels quite nice to us Florida people! The forecast is for rain all week long – but even that forecast can’t get us down, as our cabin is enveloped by clouds every morning and feels so peaceful and tranquil. 


We’ve explored Highlands and Asheville and had a wonderful visit with Tim’s nephew and his family, whom we haven’t seen for several years. 

We even found time to sneak away for a few hours to see the new Star Wars movie. (4 thumbs up from the VK’s, by the way!) 

We’re completely enjoying our mountain getaway – the fresh air, the quiet serenity, the family time… It’s perfect. 



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