Alone again, naturally

Clay is back at his apartment, working almost every evening and has been doing sampling and getting ready for classes for start back up next week. Tim is back at work. And yesterday Paige headed back to Tallahassee for her spring semester at FSU. We tried to cram as much family time as we could into these last few days…the kids spent time together on the beach while I was making Hoppin’ John on New Year’s Day, and we watched movies, and Tim enforced family bonding time via “car washing/waxing togetherness,” and we took walks on the beach and found lots of shark’s teeth, and Paige snuggled with Jack, and she and I binge watched Nashville and Boston Legal…

But eventually the day came when I had to say goodbye. And the once full house is empty once more. 



It’s quiet now. I made the mistake of going up to Paige’s room to clean, which just made me sad. So I decided to take a pajama day and snuggled under warm blankets and read and drank hot tea because it was freezing out (okay, okay, it was in the 50’s. But my toes were cold.💁🏻) and I didn’t feel like going out. 

Today, I’m trying to clean a bit. And do some organizing. Although…honestly, my fuzzy, warm blanket is looking very inviting. And a cup of hot tea sounds really good…

2 thoughts on “Alone again, naturally

  1. I know the feeling. Man-Child is headed back tomorrow…but I haven’t had the opportunity to spend ANY time with him over my Christmas vacation because he was too busy going to here and there. This parenting of “adult” children is much harder than I expected.


    1. It is, isn’t it?! It’s the same with my son… He’s local and still I NEVER see him. It’s different with Paige, thank goodness – when she’s here, she actually likes to do stuff with me and hang out with me. Which just makes me miss her more when she leaves…

      This parenting grownup children is tough. Good luck tomorrow!


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