The kids (and their parents) are enthusiastically counting down the days until finals are over and summer vacation can begin. Okay, truthfully, the parents are probably a bitmore enthusiastic   than the kids…they’re in the midst of studying and writing papers and presenting research. They’re exhausted.  But we are all ready for this semester to end and to get to spend some time together relaxing. 


Tonight is Clay’s Capstone presentation, where he (and his group) will present their research findings. 
Paige managed to squeeze in a bit of free time with her roommates and they took a day off to go paddle around the Rez – a mental health day! 

Tim and I are driving over to Tallahassee this weekend to get Paige (mostly) moved out of her dorm. And then, in less than a week I’m going to have my kids back. I can’t wait! We are planning a quick getaway to spend some time together before summer jobs (and classes, for Clay) begin. And then, in July, Paige will be heading to Paris to study French for the month. 

But for now….I just can’t wait to get my kids back. At least for a little while. 

2 thoughts on “Countdown 

  1. I bet you can’t wait! I’m so ready for mine to be home but unfortunately, he needs to take TWO summer sessions before he can begin student teaching in the fall. BUT, we just got word that he will be teaching at the school down the street from the house – so there’s that.


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