PSA: cover your mouth when you cough

It is officially summer. Or, at least, it’s officially summer vacation. The kids have finished their exams, Paige has been moved out of the dorm and is home (hooray!), and our house finally feels right again. Which basically means it’s messy and noisy and there is a lot of laundry. 
Paige has only been home a few days, and she arrived home sick – thanks to a suitemate who got sick and didn’t believe in covering her mouth when she coughed. I think that qualifies her to proceed to a special spot on my s*#% list, alongside those parents who send their kids to school sick, infecting everyone else, and then brag about how their children have “perfect attendance.” 😒 Oh, don’t get me started! 

Anyway. Due to Paige’s sniffling, coughing misery, we haven’t done much besides a whole lot of laundry and trying to organize the piles of dorm detritus that ended up back in our house. We’ve also taken a few walks on the beach and squeezed in a visit with my refugee family at the Riverside Arts Market.


Clay has also finished his exams and his research presentation. He has about a week off before his summer classes begin, so we are hoping to take a quick family trip next week for a few days of relaxation and family bonding. 

I can’t wait. 

Clay’s research project presentation at Flagler College

   Flagler College is beautiful!





One thought on “PSA: cover your mouth when you cough

  1. I am sorry to hear that Paige is sick, but I know you are happy she is home!

    Clay always looks like he is having a good time no matter what he is doing. He also looks a little bit like trouble…like he has something up his sleeve…

    Your family just seems so fun! I hope someday we get to hang out!


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