Strawberry Fields Forever (Day 4)

We all slept quite late our last day in the city (after our late evening at School of Rock!) Thankfully, it had stopped raining, although still chilly and overcast, so we decided to explore Central Park. 

It always amazes me how tranquil and serene the park can be, especially considering that it’s right in the middle of this huge, frenetic city. I also always forget how much I love it there. I was quickly reminded of the many things I love about the park…from the boats, to the statues, to the placards on the benches with lovely quotes, to Belvedere Castle and the Ramble (probably my favorite, honestly) and the street performers. 

Walking through the Ramble was my favorite part. It’s so lovely. And so amazing that those beautiful woods are right in the middle of a giant, crazy city. 

And that was it for our family getaway to the city. It was great. It was fun. 

I love New York. I really do. But, honestly, it wears me out. It is a city full of energy and I’m a middle aged mom who needs her sleep. 

I’m happy to be home. But I’ll be back, New York, I’ll be back. 

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