(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

The week in photos, because a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Paige worked out at TPC (The Player’s Championship) selling concessions last week. She left the house by 6:45 most mornings and didn’t get home until after 8 pm. She worked hard! If anyone local needs help with pet sitting, babysitting, any odd jobs…ANYTHING…Paige is desperately seeking employment. She is here until the end of June…

Last weekend we celebrated my great-aunt’s 92nd birthday. It was so great to get to spend time with all our beautiful cousins and get to know the newest generation of cousins. 

Clay has been busy with classes, but took some time the other day to go exploring GTMNERR. He had a ball, tramping around in the mud and finding bobcat prints, and lots of wildlife. He sent me these pictures. 

Which, okay, yes…very cool. 

But as a mom, my reaction was more like, ” WHAT THE #%&€  ??!!!”

But then I remembered…

I guess I have to blame myself for letting him watch The Crocodile Hunter  so much as a kid. 

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