It’s been rather quiet around here since we got back from our (second) trip to NYC. We’ve been trying to entice Clay to get over to the house more so we can have a bit more family time. We’ve taken lots of walks on the beach. 

We’ve been trying to get all the doctor and dentist visits taken care of while Paige is home for the summer…

Clay has been doing a bit of fishing and even took Paige along one day…but apparently, she is a jinx because they didn’t catch a thing. 

We’ve been trying to get everything together (making sure we’ve got converters, etc) for our trip to Paris later this month – I’m flying over with Paige so we can have a few days to museum hop and shop before she begins her Intensive French program in July. 

We had my sweet refugee family over for a lovely dinner, with lots of laughter and interesting conversation. I’m so happy to know this wonderful family and to be able to call them my friends! Paige had a little admirer…and taught her how to do a forward roll. AND how to use snapchat filters. I’m sure her parents will be eternally grateful. 

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