Semaine Chargée 

This past week has flown by. Paige and I have been trying to make sure she has everything she’ll need for her month in Paris (adapters? Check. A travel towel? Check. Deodorant? Check.) and trying to figure out how to fit everything in two carry on bags. I’ve been emailing back and forth with former French exchange students and making plans to see them and emailing our future Italian exchange student who will be arriving in August and getting to know her a bit. 

I worked on a couple of painting projects. I’m not sure why…because my timing was atrocious. It’s been terribly hot and humid – not ideal conditions for sitting on our porch painting. Still, I’m happy with how everything turned out. 

This is the “before” picture of an old desk I bought at an auction years ago. I painted it in Annie Sloan “old white” chalk paint and I love how it turned out!

While Paige and I were gathering clothes together for Paris, we realized she needed a couple of things…so we had a shopping day. 

And we both had a hair day…

And then I realized that I needed gifts for our French friends…so we headed to St. George Street one afternoon. 

Some of our favorite people stopped off for a quick visit on their way to Orlando and we had so much fun visiting with them!

And Clay has been busy too. He’s been hanging out with a new…friend, and did some water sampling the other day for International Ocean Sampling Day. He was even In the paper!

In a couple of days, Paige and I will be heading out on our way to the City of Light. 

A bientôt!

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