The one about road trips and water bottles

Last Wednesday Tim and I drove to Tallahassee with Paige and got her all set up in her new apartment. She was excited and happy about the year ahead. I was…not so much.  I’m going to miss her. 

Luckily, sort of, for me I got another chance to see her a few days later. Apparently she forgot to pack this…and that…and so Linda and I drove back over with another carload of stuff (plus a few more groceries😬) on Saturday. 

Sunday morning, Linda went with a friend from school to visit the Castillo de San Marcos (fort) in St. Augustine and had her first ever visit to a Dunkin Donuts. I stayed home and slept late and then drank copious amounts of coffee and read a book. Both of us had a delightful morning. 

That afternoon Clay came by with a friend. Which was nice because we usually don’t see much of him once school starts…unless he needs to do laundry or runs out of food. 🙄

I’ve been cooking some more “American” type meals for Linda. Roasted pork medallions with egg noodles was a hit, and so was the meatloaf and mashed potatoes – especially the mashed potatoes. She loves those. 

Linda is enjoying school and has made several friends – one of whom will be coming home from school with her tomorrow to work on homework and have dinner with us. I’m so pleased with how well she’s adapting to life in the U.S!

Paige had her first day of classes yesterday. So far, so good! She’s also been busy running around filling out job applications (any Tallahassee friends who know of a part time job, please let me know!)

We’ve had lots of thunderstorms the past couple of days…and apparently, there’s more to come!

In addition to the threat of a tropical storm, our neighborhood is currently under a boil water advisory. Which is really, really not fun. So, in between rainstorms I’ve been running to Publix to buy water. Lots of water. 

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