Tuesday Ten

1. The past couple of weeks have been filled with doctor appointments (long delayed check ups) and tests and procedures. Not fun, but a part of growing older. 

2. We’ve also done some preliminary car shopping. Which, frankly, is also not fun…but necessary as our cars get older. 

3. Paige found a part time job. 

4. Paige also has been working hard in school and having fun too!

5. Clay also has a new job (working at a bait and tackle store). He’s also been having a bit of fun. 

6. Linda got to watch a rocket launch from NASA while standing on our beach. Not something she gets to experience in Italy!

7. We’ve had a few little (and some not so little) hiccups with Linda. I’m hopeful that we can work them out. 

8. We booked our cabin for Christmas in North Carolina. I can’t wait!

9. Paige’s birthday is next week. She’ll be turning 20. We will no longer be the parents of a teenager!

10. Paige is coming home this weekend so we can celebrate her birthday together. I’m excited to have the whole family together again!❤️

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