Lac Léman & Vieille Ville 

Saturday and Sunday we spent exploring Geneva. We took a bus over to the United Nations, planning to follow a tour as it was expected to rain. But we got there and found out we had to wait an hour and a half for the next tour (we had just missed the previous one), and the clouds cleared and the sun came out, and it was a lovely day so we decided to take the bus back and explore Vieille Ville (old town) instead. 

While walking around, we noticed a lady wearing a Florida Gator visor, So of course we stopped to talk to her and ask if they were from Florida. It turns out that she and her husband lived in Geneva, but their friends- who brought her the visor- were from Florida. From Jacksonville! And they only live about 20 miles from us. It’s a small world, y’all! 

We took a sightseeing boat tour around the lake, which afforded us some pretty spectacular views…

We ate Tartiflette, and tried Raclette, and of course ate croqués monsieur and crêpes and omelettes. We drank rosé, and naturellement, Evian

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