Tim and I decided to drive up to Charleston for a couple of days last week and have a quick little getaway. 

It’s been a stressful few weeks around here, so getting out of town was quite nice. Charleston was lovely, albeit hot and humid. But, we’re pretty much used to that, so we were fine. We ate (way too much) at some amazing restaurants (Husk and 82 Queen in particular- if you go to Charleston, try them!) We meandered, and wandered, and shopped, and went into museums and peered into old graveyards and sat on benches and looked at the water and talked sometimes…and sometimes we just sat in silence, and that was nice too. 

We also took a carriage tour (Old South Carriage, ask for Elliott!) where our tour guide told us wonderful stories about the history of Charleston. I especially loved learning about the earthquake that hit Charleston in 1886 (at least a magnitude 7) and about the earthquake bolts we saw on many of the older buildings. He explained that after the earthquake, many buildings were damaged and so they inserted rods through the houses which were tightened or screwed weekly to bring the walls together and into alignment. It seems to have worked, as the houses are still standing all these years later! 

It was a wonderfully relaxing, fun, and delicious few days. 

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