For our (28th gasp!) anniversary, Tim and I decided to take a quick trip to…somewhere. We started to check the flights to see how things looked. We wanted to go to Lisbon, but alas, all the Lisbon flights were full. We checked Madrid, Barcelona – same. Finally, we found a flight we could get on that wasn’t full, and off we went…

In February. To Québec.

I know, maybe we should’ve thought that one through just a tiny bit more, right? We left our nice balmy Florida beach town (83 degrees) and arrived to holy freaking are you kidding me with this snow (30 something insane blowing winds degrees).

Our hotel was awesome though, and had this fabulous breakfast and a fireplace with a fire going in the lobby all the time. We ate breakfast in front of the fire every morning and that was truly sublime.

In spite of the holy cow-this-is-insanity temperatures, we bundled up and walked around and went to museums and markets and shopped and ate – we even tried poutine (sorry Canadians, I’m not feeling the love for poutine!)

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