Roman Holiday (part 1)

We arrived in Rome on a rainy, windy afternoon. After checking into our Airbnb apartment, we located the closest supermarket (right around the corner 😊) and stocked up on baguettes, coffee, and salami for the week. (Italian essentials!) And then we set out to explore…

Our apartment was only a block away from Piazza Navona, and a few minutes walk from Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon…

The next day the sun came back out and after a bit of investigation we realized that Largo di Torre Argentina was only 5 minutes away from our apartment. We had to go see where Julius Caesar was assassinated! (And also, we wanted to see “Caesar’s cats!” Torre Argentina)

We decided to adopt a cat!

This is Brutus (it seemed fitting- “et tu, Brute?”). He’s blind, and deaf…probably un-adoptable. 😒 We spent some time petting him (he purred and loved the attention, sweet boy) and then filled out the paperwork.

And we did a lot of walking. Just…walking. Exploring. We walked along the Tiber, and we found cute little alleyways to explore, and we just meandered and tried (as much as possible) to avoid to hordes of tourists…

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