Frankfurt & Strasbourg

We flew into Frankfurt for a myriad of reasons, most specifically because we (finally) got on (the last 2 seats!) the late flight out of Jacksonville and so the late Frankfurt flight was the only connection we could make. Also, there were seats available on the Frankfurt flight.

We packed a lot into our one day in Frankfurt; we strolled through Ramsburg Square, took a sightseeing boat trip, and visited the Städel Museum (which was wonderful!) It’s a smaller museum with some works by Rembrandt, Botticelli, Rubens…and you can walk right up to them and inspect the brushstrokes and details. Just don’t, for example, try to point something out to your husband and point at a painting and let your hand get within 6 inches of it. You might set off an alarm and be very embarrassed. Hypothetically, of course.

Eating frankfurters in Frankfurt, as one does.

We spent one day in Frankfurt and then got on a train to Strasbourg, France. (Hallelujah for the ease, efficiency, and affordability of train travel in Europe!)

We loved Strasbourg…it was like a fairytale village. Sadly, it was rainy and gloomy most of our time there, but that didn’t dim the quaint, medieval vibes of the magical place.

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