Weekend Update

It’s been a busy weekend. Paige caught a train Friday after class to travel down to visit Simon and Louise and their wonderful family in their country home. For those that do not know, we met Simon and Louise (and their family) about 8 years ago when we did a summer exchange with them through an exchange company strictly for airline families. So Paige had been to their home before, but not for several years. 

The first visit to St. Martin d’Aout about 8 years ago…⬆️

She had a wonderful time. She attempted to speak only French all weekend (she was semi-successful), and swam, ate fabulous food, and relaxed. They celebrated Simon’s birthday on Saturday, although his actual birthday is today. (Joyeux Anniversaire, Simon!)

There are more pictures of her weekend, apparently, but they haven’t made their way to me yet…

On Saturday Clay came over and hung out for a while (full disclosure: I bought lunch and he had laundry to do. Still, whatever works. Right?) I also, for some reason, decided that I was going to try to make an authentic French Baguette. After scouring Pinterest for a recipe, I gave it a go. And IT WORKED! Oh, it’s not as good as the bread in France. But it has a crispy crust. And it’s pretty darned good, if I do say so myself!

Last night we drove into Jacksonville for a quick mini-reunion with some old school friends, but the special guest was a childhood friend I’ve known since pre-school – and haven’t seen in more years than I care to think about!

That’s her at my (2nd grade?) slumber party. 

It was so great to see her…and everyone else too! 

And finally, Paige sent me these pictures this morning. Shakespeare and Company was another one of those things on my bucket list that we didn’t make it to. I’m very glad that Paige did!