New York, Part Deux

I should probably begin by explaining that Tim has a hotel room in the city for the month, courtesy of his company. And so we decided to take advantage of that, since New York City is very expensive… Anyway, Clay had classes, so Paige and I flew up last week for a few days. It seemed like a great idea since the forecast was for rain here…and we had a boil water advisory for our little beach area. Sadly, I didn’t bring my (real) camera this time, so snapchat photos will have to suffice. 

We left Thursday and got to spend that day with Tim before he left for work. He surprised us with tickets to Something Rotten, which was fabulously funny and absolutely great. We loved it! 

The next day Paige and I headed to Chinatown to do a little (ahem!) shopping on Canal Street.  After a bit of haggling, we walked to Little Italy for a quick snack and to rest our feet and people watch for a bit. 

After our respite we headed on to Greenwich Village. We did a bit more shopping, a lot of walking, and finally had a late lunch/early dinner at Famous John’s (Thanks for the recommendation, Theresa!) It was delicious!

While we were noshing on our pizza, we checked on the status of our lottery entries for some of the sold out shows we hoped to see – Hamilton, in particular. Sadly, but not surprisingly, we did not win. So we opted for discounted tickets for an old favorite. And it did not disappoint. 

Saturday was museum day. We went to The Met and we spent hours there, yet probably were only able to see about a quarter of the exhibits. It was all just amazing. And slightly overwhelming…so much to see!

And Sunday (when it started raining in the city, and the sun came out at home) we decided to head home. 

It’s good to be back. Thankfully, the boil water advisory was lifted right after we got home. Perfect timing! 😊 I love visiting NYC…but it makes me appreciate my quiet, peaceful, tranquil home even more. Although…it might be worth the frenetic pace and constant barrage of sirens and honking horns to have access to those museums…

I Want to Wake Up in a City That Never Sleeps (Day 3)

Our third day in the city, we set out for the American Museum of Natural History (scene of Night at The Museum). It was another rainy day, and it was packed. But once getting through the long, long line to buy tickets (hint: the suggested ticket price of $22 is just that; a suggestion. You can pay any amount. 😊)  the museum did not disappoint. Actually, even as we were waiting in the interminable ticket line, we were entranced….

The dinosaurs were pretty awesome. I was expecting T-Rex and Stegosaurus, but was quite surprised by the enormous stag/deer/elk thing and the humongous ancient armadillo, among others!

I must admit, however, that finding T-Rex made us very happy. We were all quite taken with him. 

Clay was enthralled by every single thing about the oceans exhibit…from the sharks to the jellyfish to the huge blue whale. 

The museum was lots of fun and the perfect activity for a cold, rainy day.  We could have spent hours more exploring, but we needed to get back to the hotel and freshen up before heading out again…

We saw School of Rock and IT WAS FABULOUS! Alex Brightman (Dewey Finn) is amazing, and the kids all play their own instruments and are just so incredibly talented. It was wonderful!

Here’s a little clip from