2017, Already

January, already. And well into it, no less. 

Once again, I’ve been remiss about blogging. 

I’d say that we’ve been busy…and I suppose we have. The kids were home for their Christmas break, and as always, it seemed to go much too fast. We tried to squeeze in all the doctor and dentist appointments we’d been putting off, along with a trip to North Carolina to visit my mom for Christmas. Which was nice and relaxing, and we did a lot of this….

Unfortunately, the time passed much too quickly and before we knew it we were saying goodbye to Paige and both kids were back in school. 

But… I’M taking some classes at Flagler this semester too! Flagler offers some “lifetime learning” classes for the community, which I’ve wanted to take in the past but never managed to sign up for in time. This time  I did, and I’m taking a French class (from a darling French lady 🇫🇷) and a very intriguing (and timely! 🤔) class on Putin and Post Communist Russia taught by an ex-CIA operative. I’m quite excited about trying something new!

A bientôt ~


So often when we go on vacation, we return feeling more frazzled and stressed than when we left – with airport delays and “non-rev” travel, it can be even worse for airline families. This vacation wasn’t like that at all. Our cabin in North Carolina was perfect. It was furnished beautifully and had everything we could possibly need. It was even decorated for Christmas. 

We loved getting out and driving around and exploring Highlands and Asheville and Brevard, but we also loved coming home to “our” cabin and relaxing. The view was ever changing. Some days we had long range views of the mountains and others we were enveloped in clouds. We spent a lot of time of the deck outside, enjoying the outside fireplace and watching the changing views…the peek-a-boo views of mountains, the glimpses of waterfalls, the clouds that would rise up the mountain until we were ensconced in a thick layer of fog, the deer scampering through the trees….It rained a lot while we were there, but even that was kind of fun – listening to the sound of the rain while sitting in front of a fire sipping hot chocolate with your family is actually pretty awesome. 



Christmas morning the clouds cleared out out long enough for a glorious sunrise. Clay was happy because we had ham, and we had a very relaxing family day.  We ate, and opened gifts, and read, and talked, and watched the clouds, and sipped hot chocolate. Paige colored. Clay played with his new drone. We listened to Christmas carols. 

Some people might think it was kind of boring. 

We thought it was perfect. 


And…did you notice that I’m not in any of the photos? Someone decided to do something about that…

There I am! 

Family time

We are in North Carolina for Christmas this year. We rented a lovely cabin a few minutes away from my mom and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the gorgeous mountain views, the fireplaces, and the cooler temperatures. Even though it’s still quite warm for this time of year, or so everyone keeps telling us, it’s cool enough for sweaters and jackets and it feels quite nice to us Florida people! The forecast is for rain all week long – but even that forecast can’t get us down, as our cabin is enveloped by clouds every morning and feels so peaceful and tranquil. 


We’ve explored Highlands and Asheville and had a wonderful visit with Tim’s nephew and his family, whom we haven’t seen for several years. 

We even found time to sneak away for a few hours to see the new Star Wars movie. (4 thumbs up from the VK’s, by the way!) 

We’re completely enjoying our mountain getaway – the fresh air, the quiet serenity, the family time… It’s perfect.