Back To School

Linda started school at her new American high school last week. She’s mastered the bus schedule, made a few friends, and attended her first high school football game. She’s figuring out how to get around a much larger school and the concept of changing classes (in Italy, the students stay in one classroom and the teachers switch from class to class), and using a locker. 

My birthday was last week and Linda’s gift was a day for me to relax and read all day while she (and sous chef Paige) cooked a delicious dinner of homemade tortellini and tiramisu. 

Clay had a fun day of fishing before his classes started back up, and caught a barracuda (😬) and a 10 foot bull shark. Yikes!

He and his buddies (they call themselves Team Rubbish) also caught a little Black Tip shark…and got photo bombed…

The Team Rubbish families all got together for a family dinner, which was a lot of fun and it was nice to finally meet the other parents since the boys have been friends since their freshman year. 

And finally, on Wednesday Tim and I drove to Tallahassee with Paige to get her all set up in her new apartment. She’s excited about the year ahead, and loves having her own room, but we were a bit sad about leaving her. We are going to miss her. A lot.