Avignon and Geneva

We stayed in a lovely 15th century Airbnb in Avignon that had been completely renovated and modernized , whilst keeping the medieval beams and old charm. It was a short walk to the Palais des Papes and everything we wanted to see.

Although the staircase to the bedroom had charm…it was a bit intimidating!

Avignon was charming. The old city walls, Roman ruins, medieval alleyways…we loved it.

We then traveled by train to Geneva, Switzerland. We had one day to explore before our flight home and we tried to fit in as much as we could. We strolled through the old town, did a boat tour on Lac Lemon, and did lots and lots of walking. Geneva is lovely.

That large chateau is (one of) the Rothschild estate(s)

Mom/Daughter Adventure ✈️

Paige was supposed to do an exchange with a French family this summer, but because of a lack of communication from the French family, we resolved that we would have our own mother/daughter adventure instead. After Paige returned home from Tallahassee, she spent several days running around filling out applications and interviewing and got a summer job…and when she found out she didn’t start until May 20th, we decided to hop on a plane!

When you are part of an airline family, you learn to be flexible and you learn to be spontaneous- this trip was certainly that! It was planned and executed in about 24 hours! After searching flights and hotels, we settled upon a destination, and off we went!

We had a pleasant flight with fabulous, attentive flight attendants. We arrived in Geneva, got an early check in at our lovely hotel, and promptly took a much needed nap! Once we woke up, we started walking towards Lac Léman and Jet d’eau.

It’s hard to tell in the photos, but the water is amazingly crystal clear. It’s absolutely beautiful. 

The first day was mostly just us stumbling around, jet lagged, but ooh-ing  and aah-ing over how pretty everything was, until we started fading and decided to grab a sandwich and a shower and collapse in our beds…

(Day one)