My snapchat story

With both kids away for the summer, I’ve learned to take really fast screenshots of their snapchats so I can see (and share) what they’ve been up to. Coincidentally, I’ve also learned to snapchat, in a middle-aged mom kind of way. 

 I’ll take any method of communicating and keeping in touch with the kids!  
Via snapchat, I learned that the dining hall was serving breakfast foods for dinner…and that Paige and her friend were very excited about waffles!

And apparently, they had some free time…

I’ve also resorted to stalking Facebook and Twitter on occasion, which is how I found these photos of Clay…

All the camp counsellors 
Clay has one more week of campers and then he’s home. 

Paige had a friend visit her in Tallahassee last week, and also received an exciting letter in the mail..


And then she came home for the weekend and we went to the beach and talked and laughed and went shopping and had a Nashville (TV show) marathon and had a wonderful, girly visit. 

And then she had to go back. 

But only two more weeks of summer term!