I’m getting too old for this…

We are, mostly, moved. There are still odds and ends and random lamps and pictures and a bike and a couple of plants – among other things – at the old house,but we are here. Along with lots and lots of cardboard boxes which now need to be unpacked. Saturday, the internet and cable was hooked up and the new couch was delivered and the new washer and dryer arrived. I have been making beds and trying to find places for all of our stuff and dismantling boxes and yelling at the cats because…oh yeah…they’re apparently not too thrilled about the move and have been quite vocal about expressing their displeasure. 

Like I care. 

It’s been stressful. Truly. But…we’ve been taking walks at the end of the day to soak up some peace and tranquility at the beach. And it helps. A lot. 


Clay has been busily training during “staff week” at camp, getting ready for the campers to arrive in a few days. He’s now trained as a lifeguard and re-certified in CPR. From the pictures he’s sent, it appears that not only have the counsellors been having fun, but they’ve been practicing good oral hygiene as well!